Night Sweats

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Night Sweats are saying something. Night Sweats won't "shut up and sing." This protest band formed in 2014 out of a call to action answered by longtime friends who came up in the North Carolina punk, hardcore, and metal scenes since teenagers in the 90s. Greensboro, our hometown, has a long history of resistance against injustice and inequality, from the Quakers' assistance in the Underground Railroad and the Greensboro Four who sparked the sit in movement of the Civil Rights by refusing to get up from a segregated lunch counter at Woolworth's. Social justice activism is rooted here. In this spirit, after an even clearer turn toward an uncertain future and rise in authoritarianism, Michael Sileno wanted to get on vocals instead of playing the drums in order to express the frustration and rage felt in a sick society in need of healing. Brian Lewis (drums) and Rodney Hicks (guitar) stepped up to get in the ring. The hope is you hear this call and sense of urgency to act in solidarity in our songs to know you're not alone.

After releasing a 5 song demo in 2015 to get the music and message out there, the band started playing shows locally once Jordan Booker joined on bass. Joseph Allen completed the current lineup after Jordan moved to the west coast. Joseph's other band practiced in the same storage unit place. He liked what he heard and started hanging out. It was clear it was a great fit from the start. Between our families, work, Brian's graffiti art as Jeks, and struggles, we do as much as we can with this band because of how much we love it and each other. When we do get to play live, we make it count by giving it all. The band gravitates towards events to raise funds for our friends and organizations we support who are in need. If this band was doing it for money, it wouldn't exist.

Night Sweats followed up their well received demo with 5 new scathingly blistering songs that appear on the We Exist To Resist EP self-released digitally everywhere on August 30, 2019 as a Dead In Debt production. The band recorded with Jacob Beeson, who works out of his home studio in Greensboro. Jacob heard and seen us play, which led to a friendship and partnership built on a mutual understanding of what the band was ready to put out there. The DIY ethos is prevalent in the 5 song release, but no one wanted it to sound like shit and it definitely doesn't. Jamie King, a NC metal scene legend who we've worked with in the past in other bands, mastered the songs. The band is doing all it can to get these songs out there for anyone to listen to in hopes they not only enjoy it, but feel inspired to think, speak out, and act.

Check us out, get in touch, tell your friends, unite, and fight. We appreciate it. Let's get sweaty.

Former members of Bloodjinn, Alli With An I, Quell, Giant, and Wait Rott.